Hackers - They tried to scam me!

SCAM ALERT................ Folks just to give you the heads up more scams doing the rounds again today See snapshot of scam email I got. Couple of things to watch out for I have circled in red. Email address from scammers says claim@revenue-ie.com Irish businesses usually end their domain in .ie see how this one has ie.com ?

This is to confuse you.

Second thing to note is the royal UK crown top left where it says Tax reference we are based in Ireland and this is supposed to be from the Irish revenue office they don't use the British royal crown on ANY correspondence. Again bottom right hand corner you will see the royal coat of arms which we don't have here in Ireland. This scammer I would safely say doesn't know the correct revenue documentation here in Ireland. Just be careful my friends out there its very easy to get caught out. Pass the word around to every one!

Tax scam.JPG