Frequently Asked Questions

What professional qualifications do you have for working at my computer system?

Our engineer has a B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in Computing and Technology.  Has completed the A+ Certification course.  We also have been working in the computer and technology industry since 1995.  We have worked on everything in the I.T. industry such as:



  • IBM AS/400 mainframe systems
  • Barcode scanning systems
  • Laptops
  • Desktop PC computers
  • Servers
  • Cloud services, 
  • Remote access
  • Networks for large corporations and small businesses
  • Software issues
  • Hardware faults
  • Printers, barcode labelling systems, laser printers, inkjet and dot matrix printers
  • Data recovery
  • Backup and restore systems
  • Plus just about every other type of device and fault diagnosis since 1995

Many computer repair businesses today have tried to learn from YouTube how to fix your computer problem at your expense.  At Inishowen Computer Systems Ltd we have learned by two methods, first university degree, we have learned all the text book stuff for many years.  Studying and learning is something we are still doing today to be the best there is and keep on top of this industry.  Secondly actually working for many years in an industrial I.T. department (M.I.S) Management Information Systems department for an International well known company looking after their systems in a very busy environment.  So we have the best of both worlds to take care of you.

Do you wipe my computer to fix it and will I lose my data

Many people will wipe your computer as a first choice, here at Inishowen Computer Systems we ALWAYS use this method as a last resort.  If we need to do this we will contact you and ask you first if you are happy for us to proceed.  Many times computers can be fixed without having to wipe your computer down as long as you know what your doing.  If we have to we will always try and get your data saved first.

WARNING:  Due to the nature of computer issues especially with virus removal, it's not always possible to save your data.  Some viruses when you try to remove them they will delete your data automatically.  We ALWAYS advise you to have a full backup done on a regular basis for extra peace of mind.  This is good practice to begin with for all computer users.

How long does it take to get my computer repaired

We always try and turn repairs around as soon as possible.  We will however, make sure all repairs are fully tested before they leave our workshop in case the problem is intermittent and happens again.  We will always try and recreate the problem after a computer has been fixed to make sure your machine is working perfect before it is returned to you.

Do you provide antivirus and backup solutions

Yes we take great pride in keeping your computer and its data safe.  If your a student at college studying, or you like to store family photos on your laptop or desktop PC computer or a large company we have the right backup and antivirus security solution to suit your needs.

Do you provide training

Yes of course, we have been providing training since 1995, we cover everything from Microsoft Office and its features such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  We can teach you email, social media, Adobe PhotoShop, Lightroom, Web Design, Internet safety, etc... if you want to know how to do it, we can teach you.

What about confidentiality

Your business is our business, we are very very strict in keeping our customers business private.  We don't discuss your business with anybody.  We respect your privacy and what work we do on our customer's computers and in their homes and businesses stays behind at their premises.  This is something we are very strict on!

Do you use cheap third party components for repairs

We only use genuine manufacturers or manufacturers approved parts for all our repairs.  We believe in quality components for all our repairs and upgrades.  The job is only as good as the components that we use hence we use the best we can at the best reasonable price we can.

Do you outsource your work - I am afraid of confidentiality

No we do all our repairs in house in our custom purpose built workshop repair centre right here in Clonmany.  See previous section on confidentiality.

Do you do call outs

Yes we can do call outs

How long have you been in business, we have seen so many businesses come and go

We have been in business at Inishowen Computer Systems since 1999 and are Inishowens longest running computer company.  We are actually one of the longest running computer companies in Donegal, Derry and the North West.  We have built up a loyal base of customers in this time and most of our work is recommendations.  Quality service and products will always stand the test of time, and we have proved this over and over again.  We provide an expert professional service at all times and we believe there is only one way to do a job, and that's the right way the first time.

We hope to be here for many many more years to come.  Our motto is "We don't want to be the biggest, we want to be the best"